Relief for your pelvic floor.

A specialized physical therapy clinic for pelvic conditions that affect people of all genders, backgrounds, and ages.  We provide an individualized treatment plan for orthopedic pelvic conditions, urinary and bowel dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, pre and post-prostatectomy, and pre and post-natal health. 

You will see a provider who listens to your whole story

Receive treatment plans that you can put into everyday life

We work together as a team to find out what will help you meet your goals

Follow up support as you graduate from consistent therapy services


Decrease pelvic or low back pain experienced during or after exercise. Eliminate leakage during workouts.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Improve pelvic pain, Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), maintain strength of core to decrease back pain, prepare for birth


Strengthening and coordination prior to prostatectomy to improve outcome post surgery. Post surgery pain and incontinence relief.

Bladder and Bowel dysfunction

Adults and children. Improve urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, constipation, bedwetting (enuresis).

What is pelvic therapy?

The pelvic floor muscles are an important part of our core support system. They work with our breathing to support our internal organs throughout the day. Dysfunction of pelvic floor can be caused by overactivity, weakness, and/or incoordination with our pressure management system. We work to improve the coordination of the pelvic floor to work with the rest of our body knowing when to work and rest. We provide manual therapy, exercise prescription, and lifestyle modifications to help you achieve your optimal function.


Bedwetting past the age of 6 could be an indication of gastrointestinal problems.  Physical therapy can help diagnose the root cause of bedwetting. Stool staining in underwear can also be addressed through physical therapy.

Pain (Genital, Tailbone, Pelvic)

Any pain in the groin, butt muscles, tailbone, SI, or hips that is not going away with traditional physical therapy could indicate a pelvic floor dysfunction. 


A common condition that is experienced could be due to a pelvic floor dysfunction. Sometimes it is a feeling of heaviness or something “falling out.”


Therapy before surgery has been shown to improve incontinence issues following surgery.  If incontinence issues or pain occur after prostatectomy pelvic physical therapy can help resolve issues. 

Sexual Dysfunction

Pain or difficulty with arousal is often a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction. 


Endometriosis is a painful condition that often leads to muscle overactivity. This overactivity can lead to other symptoms of the pelvic area. Pelvic physical therapy can address this overactivity to help reduce pain and related symptoms. 

About Me

Dr. Allison Hogue has been practicing physical therapy since 2009. She believes that each person deserves a specialized treatment plan and pelvic health is an important part of life.

She sees how urinary and bowel incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and pelvic pain can be such debilitating symptoms in life. She decided that her location was greatly under served and wanted to help patients feel more confident in their daily life and improve continence, pain, and sexual function.

Allison did an amazing job. I was a tough case, and my progress was pretty slow at first, but she was always so encouraging and patient! She worked with me for over a year to retrain my pelvic muscles to function properly. After having been told by a gynecologist that there was basically nothing to be done and I just had to suck it up and live with the pain, it was such a relief to find someone who knew how to help me. Thank you, Allison!!

- RV


Education and Lifestyle Modifications

The first step in meeting your goals is understanding what is happening and why. The next step is identifying if there are any daily habits that can help us reach our goals.

Manual therapy

External and internal myofascial work for muscle relaxation and/or manual biofeedback for muscle activation.


Activities made to fit into your everyday lifestyle to bring relief to your symptoms.

Set your goals.

Find your confidence.

Allison is amazing. Very concerned about her patient. Awesome bed side manner.
Very easy to talk to about personal medical problems.
- Anonymous

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